Konjac Sponge FAQ

What makes Dew Puff, Dew Puff? A wonderful, soft, yet effective “feel!”

Simply hydrate with water to experience the benefits of Dew Puff!

Folklore has it that a Buddhist monk fell asleep after eating a too large, traditional dish made with Konjac root, also known as konjaku and elephant yam, pronounced ‘kon-jack’.  The meal froze and when he awoke, he found that his food had become sponge like!  Intrigued, he told others and a wonderful use as a cleansing tool was born.  Thousands of years later, Masashi and Maya bring Dew Puff to the U.S.!

Today, Dew Puff is created by using a repeated freezing and drying process. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Konjac Sponges

Why should I use Dew Puff?

Dew Puff is the modern version of an ancient Asian beauty secret where these Konjac-based facial cleansing sponges have been used for generations for a clear, beautiful complexion. Tests show that using a Konjac sponge prevents damage and small tears in the skin when compared to washing one’s face with the hands and fingers.

For those who have skin irritations, abrasions, sunburn, bruising, facial injections, surgery, peels, and other beauty treatments, as well as for children and babies Dew Puff is perfect. Pressure from the hands and fingers can be painful and can interfere with healing. Dew Puff puts a pillow-type barrier between the pressure of one’s hands and the tender areas on the face or… anywhere else on the body.

How do I use Dew Puff?

It’s easy. Just add water! Once Dew Puff is completely hydrated it will become very soft. Apply Dew Puff to the face (or other area to be cleansed) and simply move around the face in small strokes or circles – just as you would a washcloth or your hands! Dew Puff makes applying excessive pressure is almost impossible.

Do I need to use soap with Original Dew Puff? What about the Asian Clay and Bamboo Charcoal varieties?

Original Dew Puff can be used with or without your favorite cleanser. Konjac (the only ingredient in Dew Puff) makes our sponge slightly alkalize. This neutralizes the skin, washing away dirt and impurities without soap. If you choose to use a cleanser, be sure to thoroughly rinse soap residue from your Dew Puff after each use.

Asian Clay Dew Puff has been infused with mineral-rich clay. Bamboo Charcoal Dew Puff has been infused with highly-effective Bamboo Charcoal. These two varieties have been specially formulated to impart the benefits of clay or charcoal – they can be used with cleanser; however, cleanser may diminish the benefits of the Clay and Charcoal varieties.

How long does Dew Puff last?

Dew Puff lasts for three months when used twice daily. If you notice wear and tear, broken Konjac fibers can be abrasive, so we suggest replacing it with a new Dew Puff.

Used Dew Puffs can be put aside to gently clean other things like pottery, metal, etc. where a gentle abrasion is desired. Please test in a non conspicuous area first.

How can I sanitize my Dew Puff Konjac Sponge?

You can boil Dew Puff for 2 minutes, or microwave a wet Dew Puff for 1 minute. Do not leave the Dew Puff in boiling water, or in a microwave for any longer than the recommended time. Leaving Dew Puff in a pan where the water has boiled out, could cause the pot and sponge to possibly scorch or burn. Do not leave a pot or the microwave unattended.

Dew Puff can be very hot after boiling or microwaved. Use tongs to remove from water and let Dew Puff to cool completely (20-30 minutes) before using.

How can I keep my Dew Puff fresh for my next use?

It is best to keep Dew Puff as dry as possible. After each use, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out water, and allow it to dry completely by using the convenient string to hang it to dry. Do not hang over a heater or electric appliance.

Extended moisture will degrade the Konjac fibers and can harbor dirt. Always dry your Dew Puff before each use. Consider having two Dew Puffs to use alternatively if your environment prevents the Dew Puff from completely drying overnight.

From what is Dew Puff made?

Our only ingredient is Konjac root (see above), a 100% vegetable fiber that has been used for beauty sponges, as well as for food for centuries. Bamboo Charcoal Dew Puff is infused with 100% vegetable fiber charcoal, and Asian Clay is infused with highly effective, mineral rich clay. 

No chemicals, preservatives, parabens, chemicals! Just Konjac-frozen, thawed and frozen again and again – a traditional centuries old technique for creating this effective